Monday, August 22

Future Labor Shortage?

I just read an interesting post on ERE about "The Future Labor Shortage" by Dave Lefkow

Peter Capelli, director of Wharton School's Center for Human Resources, admits that there may be challenges ahead for HR departments. But, he says, these challenges will be driven by economics, not demographics.

There is already an abundant supply of labor that is either not currently participating in the labor force or unemployed: even now, the economy is not currently at full employment. He goes on to say that many challenges faced by HR departments are really of their own creation: jobs are too specialized, requirements are too narrow, and turnover is too high, because companies don't do a good job identifying, selecting, and retaining the best performing employees. "It is safe to say that the greater mobility of labor and the greater pressure to hire from the outside have increased the labor market challenges that human resource departments have to manage independent of the state of the economy," says Capelli.

The article is more thorough, both for and against shortages, but I tend to think that the issue of quality of hire will become increasingly important.

Monday, August 15

Consulting / Advising / Selling - It's the TALK!

I've just started "The Talk Book", by Gerald Goodman, PhD. It seems that the art of communication can be studied and seriously improved. Dr. Goodman takes apart the process of conversing and finds where the problems can occur.

Just looking over the topics, I'd say that if you are selling, advising people, or just consulting, this book might seriously enhance your abilities. Even if you just skim the chapters, you can probably pick up a few high value tricks, for about a half hour read.

Boost the chance your advice will be taken.

Monday, August 8

Recruiting Systems: Inviting a security breach

I'm doing a little job hunting, and running into more than a few hosted recruiting systems.

Mostly they seem to be the main applicant entry point for larger companies. Especially below the SVP level. I just ran into one that has a terrible risk in progress.

The product is called by HR Services, Inc.

On the first page where most systems login using a email address, you enter BLIND, your social security number, including the dashes, twice.

Talk about the poor design!
  1. Use of a Social Security Number
  2. Requiring the dashes separating numbers
  3. Echoed as *********** rather than ***-**-****

With the repeated breaches of security, and identity theft, you'd think they would change it to the more routine email address. (They do collect that information later.)

It's just plain hard to get that information in correctly every time. And you will need to enter that information for every job applied for.

I'll be finding more examples as I go through the job application process, so tune in again. If you've got a terrible job hunting site, let me know. I'd like to see it.

Monday, August 1

What's it worth?

I'm just one of millions of internet connected people. I try to keep up with events, inside my work life, home, and wider world. I'm not particularly sure that blogging is a high value proposition, either for myself, or my imagined readership.

Neverless, there is synergy in ideas, some value in review and rumination, and the new media will find a useful level for all its participants. Blogging will evolve, with some sort of bell curve of quality. With some modest amount of attention, this specific one will improve as I add posts and find contacts to engage in discussion.